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Better yet ladies, try this:

“Look you imbeciles… love me, respect me and keep me interested… you can start by listening but don’t forget to sometimes pin me against the wall and take me from behind, bruising my wrists by holding them so tightly over my head I think they might break, and sometimes push me down on the floor or bed and RAPE me: I WANT a MAN to TAKE me and I want it hard and ROUGH and heavy sometimes, OK? Sometimes (just sometimes, not all the time) I want to feel like I can't breathe, entirely under your control, totally overpowered, TAKEN, RAPED, VIOLENTLY, by a MAN. Sometimes I want to be SCARED, to be aware of you as a dangerous, powerful MAN. Don’t try to figure it out… we ladies need that sort of thing from time to time… it is very comforting knowing our men want us THAT way sometimes, because you could have ‘fuzzy bunny’ sex with a pumpkin… and sometimes fuzzy bunny sex isn't enough. Sometimes, we want RAW SEX. THIS is what we want. Understand?”

Am I missing something or does this sum up all the conjecture and debate?

We humans, especially women, have simply overcomplicated the subject and added foreplay and courtship. The purpose remains the same.

Maybe Peter Pan said it best: “girls talk too much…”

Admit it ladies, from time to time you like being treated like property or objects.

by Lionsryche on 2004 Apr 20 - 00:38 | reply to this comment
Re: I'm a traditional woman
I, too, look pretty much like a traditional housewife these days (but didn't always). But this role is my choice, and I know about the alternatives. I'm sure that you too, LadyK?, chose your life with your eyes open. I suspect that Carlf is not talking about us, but about traditional women of the past who didn't have a choice.

Some of us have powerful, dominant roles outside the home, but we need to see that it's OK if we don't, too. I sometimes feel that we are using the "strong, independent" thing as a shield against the idea that it's not OK to be submissive. As if we must prove that we are not submissive everywhere, all the time. Well, most of us are not. But we don't have to be dominant career women to "make up for" our choice to be submissive in love.